New version released v1.1.0

It’s been a long long time but we are here again. We started to work again on Zombusters 3 months ago but as you have seen we haven’t published a new version until now. It was a rough time to make all the changes to start working regularly on this project that’s why we were so silent until now. Fortunately we are here again and a lot of new changes are going to follow. So… keep tuned!

This is the list of changes for this version (at least the visible for you, there were a lot more under the hood):

  • Improved player visibility
  • Added Language options on settings menu
  • Solved issue with storage not saving correctly option, saved games and leaderboards
  • Solved issue with screen overlapping and controller issues
  • Removed unneeded options on main menu and gameplay menu

Files 54 MB
Version 1.1.0 Mar 10, 2020

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